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All Coaching Plans + Individual Sessions are fully booked until June 2023

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I want to see home educating families thrive! So often I see fear, doubt or lack of knowledge stop parents from pursuing this beautiful life. I love chatting with new homeschool mamas about their hopes, fears + questions then coming up with a plan together for moving forward!

Not everyone's homeschool will look the same, nor should it! My goal is to help you find what is right for you, your little learners and your family as a whole. So, grab a cup of coffee and lets have a chat!

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Be the first to know about openings!

Thanks for subscribing!

All Coaching Plans + Individual Sessions are fully booked until June 2023



The Martins

Kyrie has saved my mental sanity with her homeschool consultations .

I knew I wanted to create our own homeschool curriculum by piecing together different books and resources but that felt so incredibly overwhelming to me. I had  no Idea where to start.  I knew a few things I wanted to use and that I wanted a loop schedule.  Other than that, I had no idea where to begin,  I felt completely lost. My brain just gets overwhelmed with the idea of starting from scratch.  Enter Kyrie. She sat down beside me. We talked about homeschool methods and styles, books I loved, or resources I wanted to implement.  She personally knows my kids very well but still asked all sorts of questions I never would have thought of about, how they learn etc.  Next she came up with an easy to understand plan and we talked it over. She made lists for me on what I would need to buy.  I asked her any questions I needed further explained.  Honestly it was perfect and worked so well for our family. This is our fourth year having her work alongside us to create a homeschool study that works for each of our kids.  This year she will be helping us add in our six year old while knowing we will be adding a new baby to our family.  So we will have a new consultation discussing what we need to tweak and add.  I truly cannot recommend her services any higher.


The Albanesius Family

As a first time homeschooler I was overwhelmed with all the curriculum options available. Kyrie took the time to get me familiarized with the Charlotte Mason method and listened to what I was looking for in my daughter's education. She personalized a loop schedule just for us and sat down with me to explain every piece of the curriculum and lessons. She has been available to answer any questions I have and has gone above and beyond my expectations. I am no longer intimidated for this upcoming school year but excited!


The Steffys

There is literally no one like Kyrie when it comes to encouraging new-to-homeschool moms and helping them, and seasoned homeschool moms, alike, plan out their school year. This will be our fourth year of homeschooling and I'm not sure how we would have made it here without her. Every book she has chosen has been our son's new favorite. Every recommendation she has made planning-wise has brought more structure and overall joy to our days; and every word of encouragement she has offered has helped me tremendously on those hard homeschool mom days that we all have. Kyrie doesn't just answer your questions. She comes alongside you, supports you, and ultimately empowers you to create the kind of homeschool year that perfectly fits your family. Her guidance is and has been absolutely priceless for our family.

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