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Before booking a coaching session, check out these terms & conditions. These guidelines will help us work as a team during your session and make the most out of our time together!

Coaching Info, Terms & Conditions

How to make the best use of our time together:

  • While we homeschooling mamas can get a lot accomplished with multiple kiddos underfoot, have someone else be in charge of those beautiful little people for the hour we are together. You'll want to be able to hear me, and concentrate on your own thoughts & questions.

  • Take Notes

  • Wear earbuds/headphones for better audio quality

  • Make sure your internet connection is strong

  • Bring any books, tools, or curriculum you'd like to discuss

  • Don't forget a beverage!

For Kindergarten Consultations:

These sessions are to go over the Small Splendors Press learning guides ONLY.  Please have your pre-purchased learning guide available during our session.  If you would like to chat about a different Kindergarten curricula, please book a New Homeschool Mama Consultation session.​

All Coaching Sessions

After your session, you will receive a follow up email with a re-cap of what we discussed, any additional thoughts I have, and links to resources we talked about. You will receive this email within one week of our session.

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